Day two on the road home…

I woke up an hour early this morning in Albuquerque – looked at the clock, which said 7:15 and thought I should get up and moving.  “Wow, the sun comes up later here,” I said to Max, who opened one eye, gave a heavy sigh, and closed it right back up again.

Turned out the clock was an hour fast!  So, Max and I were out walking by 6:30… The good part of it was that we were checked out and headed for Starbucks by 8:15!

As I drove east out of town, I spotted the dog park we went to last year when we were in ABQ, but unfortunately I was in the middle lane of heavy traffic and couldn’t get over to exit and go to the park.  I didn’t tell Max we missed an opportunity.

A couple of hours later, we pulled off at Santa Rosa, and headed for Santa Rosa Lake.  Maybe I am too much of an Easterner, but I expected to find a LAKEwith a swimming beach.  You know, a good place for a cool dog to have some fun.

What we finally found – seven miles north of town – was clear evidence of the more than three-year drought that has beset this part of the southwest.  Santa Rosa Lake was at best only 20% of its capacity.  Note these pictures:

photo of low water at santa rosa lake, nm

Note the red arrow indicating what is probably the average high water mark at Santa Rosa Lake, NM. I was shocked at how low the water level is after the more than three-year drought in this part of the Southwest…

I drove all around, looking for a good place to assuage my guilt at missing the dog park, and finally settled on a picnic area overlooking the boat ramp.  Originally, I thought we could play at the water’s edge on the boat ramp.  Oops.  The steep, paved boat ramp went down about 35 feet to the water, and I wasn’t willing to walk down there and back up – especially since I wasn’t even sure that Max would want to play in the water!

We got out and played with the ball for about a half hour.  I practiced letting Max go ahead, then calling, “Whoa. Stop.”  Each time, he stopped and turned to watch me for a signal to continue!  I had no idea he would do it so well…  Then, I added the “Stay” command and he stayed until I caught up and gave him the “OK.”


photo of Max at santa Rosa Lake

Waiting for me to throw the ball…

photo of Max at santa Rosa Lake

Returning with the ball for another toss…

photo of Max and car at santa Rosa Lake

The biggest surprise was when Max went willingly on his own to the car and waited for me to catch up and let him in to get a drink and take a rest!

We made a quick stop at the Blue Hole – a popular dive spot in Santa Rosa, NM:

photo of the blue hole, santa rosa, nm

The Blue Hole is a 60' diameter natural spring that is 81' deep – a popular dive spot in Santa Rosa, NM.

photo of the blue hole, santa rosa, nm

The Blue Hole, Santa Rosa, NM. I didn’t realize that there were two divers down there when I took this photo…

And then it was back on the road, heading for Amarillo, TX.

photo of Max sleeping in the car

Driving Mr. Max… note the ball close to paw.

photo of I-40 in eastern new mexico

Almost out of New Mexico on I-40…

…and we made it safely to Amarillo, without incident.

And now, for something completely different:

While my homegirl, Diana, from Portland, Oregon was visiting, we took a day trip to El Paso to go to the Lucchese Boot Factory Store.  Lucchese has a reputation for the most comfortable, handmade cowboy boots, and Diana thought she wanted a pair.  I wasn’t planning on buying any boots…

photo of red cowboy boots

My view of my new Lucchese cowboy boots. Handmade, red lizard skin, with beautifully stitched black tops like those on the second pair that got away (see below).

Oh well…  sometimes, you just have to follow your heart.  Here are some that got away:

photo of Lucchese cowboy boots

These boots were “on sale” for $1100 at the Lucchese Factory Outlet Store in El Paso, Texas. They retail for a little over $2000! They were only a size 7 and this Cinderella couldn’t have fit into them even if she lopped off her toes! Of course, my wallet couldn’t fit them either...

photo of Lucchese cowboy boots

I really LOVED these boots, “on sale” for $1200 at the Lucchese Factory Outlet Store in El Paso, Texas. They retail for a little over $2600! Alas, another size 7…

photo of Lucchese cowboy boots

These “on sale” for $1400 boots caught Diana’s eye. They retail for a little over $2800! Note the beautiful hand tooled and dyed leather tops. (sorry about the fuzzy photo.)



About Maureen Farr

I am a graphic and web designer – and the publisher of the print version of Arts Guide, a free guide highlighting the arts, dining, events, and more on the coast of Maine. In addition, I am a visual artist working in mixed media and encaustic, as well as creating found object jewelry. I am currently at work revising a short novel that I wrote as a participant in the 32nd Annual 3-Day Novel Contest.
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6 Responses to Day two on the road home…

  1. Gandalf says:

    First a smashing hat!

    Then a bunch of rockin’ boots!

    With Mo out there shillin’ the recession will be history in NO time!

    And I can just feel you gettin’ closer each minute. Regular sauna lands on Easter, Mo. Might you be back in time to join us????

  2. Wow–that’s some drought! I wouldn’t expect anything less of you on the color of the cowboy boots. . . nice! I see Max still isn’t in possession of his normal “top-do”–I’ll be glad when it grows back! He looks like a little bald old man–lol! Cute though, as always. Don’t tell him I said THAT, but DO tell him that Romeo said to tell him that he has a big Guinea Pig kiss on the nose for him when he gets back! xoxo

    • Maureen Farr says:

      thanks Cindy. Well, Max looks SOOO much better than he did when he first got his head shaved – and I’m used to it now – tht it doesn’t bother me at all. I told him about the Pig kiss and he cocked his head to one side!

  3. Diana Richardson says:

    Oh, dem boots!!! Our undoing! Thanks much for the mp3 charger, homegirl. Well-wrapped, I might ad! Thinkin’ of you two……………..and your adventures to come!

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