Two weeks later…

Max and I have been home for a little over two weeks. I thought I would start a new blog about life at home. However, knowing that so many of you have enjoyed following us, and not wanting to “lose” you, I decided to continue writing about our life at home on the same old site. While I won’t be writing every day, I plan to make regular posts, so stay tuned!

Tulips, pink Bleeding Heart, and Pulmonaria by my back stairs… These flowers make me smile every time I come home.

Max has settled in “at home” very nicely. One of the first things he discovered on our return was his basket of toys – toys that didn’t go with us on the journey. I have had many good laughs over the past two weeks as he sticks his head in and pulls out different toys to play with – some from his little puppy days! He’s gradually putting on the weight he lost on our trip, and even a little more – hopefully getting to his ideal weight soon.

Max on the back porch with a rawhide chew on a sunny day last week.

He discovered his “raccoon” plush toy this morning, and ran around from kitchen to living room throwing it in the air, pouncing, grabbing, and shaking, even making its little squeaker shriek! It’s a plush toy with no stuffing, that can hold an empty plastic water bottle. Dogs love to crunch on the crackly innards, and Max is no exception. He chews and crunches until the bottle is flattened. It still makes noise so he’s a happy boy.

Basically, our life has been rather “dull” in comparison to our road trip, but in some ways that’s a good thing. It has allowed us to assimilate some of the journey, to put it into a bit of perspective, and to realize that the gypsy life is pretty damn fine. I say “us,” but really mean “me,” since Max hasn’t shared any thoughts with me about the trip or our return.

I confess that I miss the road. For all of its twists and turns – both real and emotional – it was a good road. With over 15,000 miles on the odometer, there are still several hundred – no, maybe several thousand – miles I’d like to travel. Who knows? Maybe next winter, we will take off again?

What do I miss? The unknown just around the corner. The unexpected surprises like falling in love with Silver City. The Blue House Café – an unexpected surprise in Carlsbad, NM. Beignets. Highway One. The just plain driving of it all… I love driving!

What am I grateful for? Oh so many things. For the great gift of it – the four-months-to-the-day time away from home. The privilege of being able to afford it – financially, emotionally, and time away from work-wise. I’m grateful for the joy of being “out there.” I’m especially grateful to all the people I met along the way, from the Florida Keys, New Orleans, and Silver City to Portland, Oregon and everywhere in between. So many people whose names I don’t even know, and so many whose names remind me of being in a specific place at a specific time.

I’m grateful to Doug Warren and the crew at Drury Auto Body in Amarillo, Texas, who so ably repaired Tumbleweed after our car accident. And I’m grateful to the veterinarians who helped heal Max when he injured his foot.

Now that I’m home, the trusty iPhone that helped me find so many dog parks, local espresso places, restaurants, and so much more doesn’t even register a single bar at my house. YIKES! [I’m glad I have a land line.] While I was away, a cell phone tower was erected not two miles from my house, so I had hoped that I’d finally get a signal. Not so. But, it turns out that while the tower is up, the cell phone transmitters haven‘t been installed. There’s still hope…

It’s been rainy for the past four days, and there’s no end in sight very soon. I feel like I’m back in Portland, Oregon! Everything is green, flowers and trees are in bloom, and it all looks extraordinarily beautiful in the mist and fog.

I have a beautiful Magnolia tree by the pond. Here’s a closeup of a branch of flowers.

Magnolia Stellata does very well in Maine. This flower is as big across as my hand.

Max and I went to the Quarry this morning for some off-leash exercise and ball playing. When we left our house, there was not a drop of mist in the air. As we drove toward Stonington and the Quarry, fine mist became heavier mist, and I thought I’d made a mistake. But arriving at the Quarry, I found that it was really just a very light mist, and not going to stop a couple of Tumbleweeds from a rumpus…

Water pools in a low spot at the Quarry. I find this place always beautiful, whether in sun, rain or snow.

OK, already! I’m sitting my butt down on cold, wet granite. Throw the damn ball!!

Max brings the ball back for another throw at the Quarry.

I’m not jumping in there to get it! HELP!!


About Maureen Farr

I am a graphic and web designer – and the publisher of the print version of Arts Guide, a free guide highlighting the arts, dining, events, and more on the coast of Maine. In addition, I am a visual artist working in mixed media and encaustic, as well as creating found object jewelry. I am currently at work revising a short novel that I wrote as a participant in the 32nd Annual 3-Day Novel Contest.
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20 Responses to Two weeks later…

  1. Ellie Adams says:

    How fun to find an update from you in my email! I will look forward to others in the future. The pictures are glorious. Spring in Maine is lovely even if there is no sun! I loved your processing of the memories from your trip. I’m sure that each time you reflect a different array of memories pop up! That’s part of the fun!! I look forward to your future blogging. Thanks for including “old friends”!

    • Maureen Farr says:

      Ellie, you are so welcome. I really did cherish all my “followers” so want to make sure they can stay connected if they choose. It’s true about the memories. The other day, in the shower, a memory of being in the shower in Florida just popped in!!

    • Lynne Magee says:

      Ellie, my sentiments, exactly. I love to see “Two Lanes” come up in my email!

  2. Priscilla Lanks says:

    Thanks for the beautiful photos . . . . Good to see that Maine is in bloom even if it’s not warm! Thanks for the update also. I enjoyed reading your blog and sharing your adventures during your trip and have missed your posts. Hope that the sun comes out soon!!!

  3. hank says:

    yesterday jane mc and i were talking about how much we both enjoyed your blogging. have you seen her book? a sumptuous feast

  4. Awww! Nice post Momo! I have to say I wouldn’t mind being in Max’s weight “predicament” as opposed to other way around! 😉 I can imagine you missing the road–you had a lot of good adventures and even the not-so-good or downright bad parts made for good stories in the end. I have no doubt that you will travel again–you’ve got a gypsyish soul! love ya, Cin

  5. Lori says:

    Oh, Maureen, you are a great writer. I really enjoyed this. The photos were inspiring, too. I’m going to have to plant a magnolia tree now! Thanks, Lori

  6. Marilyn Wheeler says:

    What a delight to read your post!
    Ellie composed my thoughts in her reply. I’ll add that I appreciate your DI photos, particularly Max at the quarry and what he was “thinking”!
    I love the islands ~ and yours has that amazing bridge.

    • Maureen Farr says:

      thanks Marilyn. We do have an amazing bridge – and it’s been totally re-painted over the past three years and looks glorious. if you come to DI, please get in touch.

  7. Valerie Levy says:

    Hi Maureen…Your adventures with Max sound delicious, but savoring the homecoming is the best of all. Max is stunning; my cockapoo (cockadoodle?),Rooster, looks like his offspring. I am always in search of “off leash” places to go with Rooster–would love to hear from you about that. Valerie

    • Maureen Farr says:

      Hi Valery, welcome to the bog! where do you and Rooster live?? I found lots of great off-leash places on my journey using an app on my iPhone4 called “Around Me.” It’s free and VERY useful.

      • Valerie Levy says:

        We live in Orono but are not opposed to driving a little. Rooster has climbed Blue Hill (on a rare sunny day) and loved it. Tomorrow is his first birthday! How old is your Max?

      • Maureen Farr says:

        Happy Birthday Rooster!!! Now I remember seeing photos of Rooster when he was small Max is a year and four months but still very much a puppy! get in touch when you are coming down this way again – we’d love to meet up and hike Blue Hill. or if you come all the way to Deer Isle, I can show you Marriners Park and Settlement Quarry – two great places for Rooster (and Max).

  8. Steve Murray says:

    Great photos, Maureen, but they make me homesick! Maine will always be “home’ and we hope to make up that way later in the summer. Pleased that you are continueing your blog, we look forward to more pictures (and commentary).

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