Help me out here!

I really want to turn this blog into a book – I’d like to find an agent, or ideally, a publisher and get it into print. Based on the responses I’ve gotten over these past weeks on the road, I think there is broad interest in our journey – more than just dog owners and dog lovers.

I sent a link to the blog, along with a query letter and 4 blog posts to an agent last week, but I think I should send it to more than one. Any suggestions from my writer friends, or anyone who knows anyone in the business (or even on the periphery)?

I lay in bed last night thinking up titles, a synopsis, imagining a cover… the whole nine yards. Here are some of my ideas:

Taking Pictures with My Heart
one woman, one standard poodle, four months on the road

The Traveling Tumbleweeds
circumnavigating the US with my standard poodle, Max

A cover idea… Who could resist this adorable little face on the bookstore shelf??

If you were asked to write a blurb about this book, what would you say? I’d love to get your feedback – write a blurb and post it, tell me I’m nuts, tell me to shoot for the moon…

Tell me.


About Maureen Farr

I am a graphic and web designer – and the publisher of the print version of Arts Guide, a free guide highlighting the arts, dining, events, and more on the coast of Maine. In addition, I am a visual artist working in mixed media and encaustic, as well as creating found object jewelry. I am currently at work revising a short novel that I wrote as a participant in the 32nd Annual 3-Day Novel Contest.
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16 Responses to Help me out here!

  1. Deborah Brewster says:

    Initial comment: SHOOT FOR THE MOON!

  2. How about, “Travels with Max–or Continuing Adventures with the Puparazzi!” *ahem* Sorry!

    Or how about however many miles it’s been, ie: “5,587 Miles: a Car Trip around the US during the worst Winter in years!”

    “Back and Forth: The story of my owner’s trip on the big road of life” by Maximilian Rufino Farr?

    “Cafes, Dog Parks and National Monuments, Oh my!” Ummm. . .

    I think I’m striking out on ideas for titles. . . (Ya think?) But my advice is to make it a second job, finding agents, writing a blockbuster query letter, get yourself a book that lists all of the accredited agents, beg your published friends for help, buy a lot of stamps and get ready to write a lot of emails!

    love ya, Cin

    • Maureen Farr says:

      I like the one about the miles traveled… How about:
      10,645 miles to Amarillo… then crash!

      I just sent out seven queries to agents, and a note to my friend back home who emails to our writers group, asking for their help and thoughts.

  3. Caroline King says:

    I want to order to pre-order my copy of the book today!

  4. LOL!

    This is the Writers Market type book I was telling you about that is supposed to be the best in the biz: Jeff Herman. . .

  5. guy oliver says:

    My suggestion for a title is “Tumbling Tumble Weeds” an old Gene Autry favorite whose words fit your adventure very well. The cover should definitely be a photograph of you and Max in front of Tumble Weed. A hit in both respects.
    Cindy and I have insisted that you publish. Don’t make any reference to Charles Kuralt as he had a rather sordid past.

  6. Iana CraneWing says:

    It sounds like your heart is in it and you are an excellent writer so it is bound to be great. I really like the name of your blog so how about Two Lanes and Four Legs/ Max and Moe on the Road in the USA. That leaves you open for future trips in Canada, Mexico and more!

  7. hank says:

    robbins publisher? (i’m really enjoying bearin’s, though he could have benefited [in my opinion] from better editing…)

    your mileage may vary

  8. Evelyn Hannah says:

    I’d be honored !!
    Shoot for the moon girl what have you got to loose, and so much to give !!
    Ev And Bree

    • Maureen Farr says:

      Thanks Ev! Are you still in NOLA or back home? If you are on the east coast, maybe I’ll get to see you again on my way up to Maine. My current plan is to head for Savannah after getting Tumbleweed back, then up to Maine…

  9. Jim mcclymer says:

    It is July in Maine and I am really enjoying your blog. Hope you do turn it into a book. My wife is a writer who recently put her backlist up on amazon and other sites. With the changes in publishing you should consider self publishing. You have the talent for the cover, an expense for those that don’t.

    Suggest you read Joe konraths blog on self publishing. Do stay away from vanity publishers and be warry of those who want a big piece of the action. At amazon you can receive up to 70% of the cover price in royalties and make a lot while making your book accessible for a few bucks.

    Good luck
    Ps like your cover and title, add a little insert of the car and a map of your travels if not too busy.

    • Maureen Farr says:

      Thanks for the nice comment Jim! I am considering self-publishing, and appreciate your suggestions. I have recently gotten all the blog posts into one big word document and am starting to review it. I’m giving a slide talk locally this Thursday about the trip, and will read some blog posts and show photos, followed by a Q&A. thanks also for the tip on the cover – good call!

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