A hurtin’ pup…

Max woke up limping Monday morning. I thought he had picked up a sand spur or something because we’re back in the southwestern desert. I checked his paw carefully, but couldn’t see anything at all. It felt a little hot, but that could have been my imagination.

We went outside to walk him, and I was hoping it was something he’d walk off, but he didn’t. It was clearly painful, and we walked slowly out to where he “did his business,” and back to our room.

I looked his paw over again after I fed him, but everything looked fine – except for the hard limp. I went online and Googled veterinarians in Kingman, then decided to use YELP.com on my iPhone because they provide real people reviews. None of the vets had reviews on Yelp, so I Googled vets in Flagstaff, which was our planned destination today.

Canyon Pet Hospital had several excellent reviews on Yelp, so I called them and explained my predicament. They gave us an appointment for this afternoon, and we got organized for the drive. Max hobbled to the car, I loaded our stuff in, and we headed for help.

It was a beautiful drive through some of the same places we drove on the way out: Seligman – remember that 60s era Route 66 tourist trap? Ash Fork – where we picked up I-40 West after traveling through Oak Creek Canyon and Sedona. Ah, that was a beautiful day… I had planned to go to Sedona and drive north through the canyon today, but Max needed to see the doctor so that trip was off.

We got to Flagstaff early, so were able to get into the walk-in appointment at 2 instead of waiting til 3. Dr. Miller, who owns the practice, was marvelous. She got down on Max’s level and let him climb on her, rub his face on her legs, and just be the loving, sweet dog that he is. She checked out his sore paw, and couldn’t see anything either.

She was able to isolate the painful area to one of his toes, and suggested X-rays to see if anything was broken. So, off he went for pictures. When she came back to show me the X-rays, she said the good news was that nothing is broken. The hard part about X-rays is that they don’t show any soft tissue injuries, but that’s what she suspects is going on.

He could have sprained a ligament, which will need to heal. To heal, he needs to be kept quiet. No jumping around, no running… So the RX? A prescription for NSAIDs (doggy ibuprofen), and no dog parks for 10 days.

We got to our hotel about 3PM, and he immediately got up on the bed to rest. I took a little nap with him. After, I wanted to go to the grocery store to get some food for dinner, some meat, and maybe a nice juicy bone for him. He got up and jumped off the bed, immediately holding his injured paw up, and not willing to move an inch. OUCH!

I decided to order food from Dominos and not make him walk anywhere. While I waited for my order to be delivered, I fed him his dinner with his medicine, and got him settled on the bed again.

And then, the delivery guy knocked on the door. Before I could stop him, he jumped off the bed AGAIN, with a little yelp this time. So, he’s got a nice little bed on the floor for now.

He’s a really hurtin‘ pup tonight …

And I have to be more of a Florence Nightingale.


About Maureen Farr

I am a graphic and web designer – and the publisher of the print version of Arts Guide, a free guide highlighting the arts, dining, events, and more on the coast of Maine. In addition, I am a visual artist working in mixed media and encaustic, as well as creating found object jewelry. I am currently at work revising a short novel that I wrote as a participant in the 32nd Annual 3-Day Novel Contest.
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16 Responses to A hurtin’ pup…

  1. Janet says:

    Auntie, I’m so sorry that Max is hurt! I hope he heals up quickly and learns not to jump on his paw SOON. I learned a tune tonight called: Max Came Home, and thought of you guys. Maybe I’ll play it for you guys when you Come Home!! Love you guys, Janet

    • Maureen Farr says:

      Thanks Janet! I’ve done some Reiki on his paw too. And yeah, if he could remember that it HURTS to jump on it, he’ll be in better shape SOON! And I look forward to hearing the song when we get back. Love you too.

  2. Ev Hannah says:

    Poor baby, crate time?? Hope it heals quickly. It scared me, my immediate thought was snakebite since you are in the desert 😦 ..eeww

    • Maureen Farr says:

      Well, he is in a crate in the car anyway. He’s been lying low in the hotel so I don’t think I need to bring the crate inside. I’m with you on the fear of rattlesnakes. big EEWW!

  3. Brenda says:

    Oh, poor Max. Tell him I had a bad leg for a few weeks, and then, suddenly–poof!–it went away.

    Your travel log is just wonderful, Maureen! What a great job you’re doing and what fun you must be having.

    • Maureen Farr says:

      Thanks Brenda, I’ll tell him. Although I don’t think he’s in the mood for my encouraging words right now. He just wants that leg to work without hurting! I think some of the fun will be curtailed for a while…

  4. Gandalf says:

    Hogie just did a sympathy “lie down” for Max. 😦

    Two get well wishes from Brooklin!

  5. Ellie Adams says:

    Oh! Poor Max!! Give him my get well wishe an a hug!! You are a good Florence Nightingale!

  6. Janelle Delicata says:

    Poor Max! Hoping he is better soon. (And Oona Luna says ‘behave and don’t jump – that makes it hurt more!’)

  7. Poor Maximilian! Give him a big hug and a paw kiss from us! Hope he’s on the mend soon–hang in there! love, Cin

  8. katyallgeyer says:

    Oh no! Hope Max feels better soon. Glad you at least got to drive through Sedona!

    • Maureen Farr says:

      Katy, we drove through Sedona on the trip out. couldn’t do it on the return as planned due to needing to get to the vet. I’ll give him a hug from you.

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