Ginger Martinis…

My friend, Katy, asked for the recipe for Ginger Martinis, so here it is:

Ginger Martinis
For each martini:
3 ounces vodka
1/2 to 1 ounce ginger syrup, see recipe below
1/2 teaspoon freshly squeezed lime juice
Twist of lemon or lime

Feel free to make a batch in a pitcher…

Fill a cocktail shaker or small pitcher with ice. Add the vodka, ginger syrup, and lime juice. Cover and shake vigorously, or stir, until combined and chilled, about 30 seconds. (In general, by the time the shaker mists up the drink is ready.) Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Add twist and serve.

Ginger Syrup:
1 lemon
2 cups coarsely chopped fresh ginger with peel, about 8 ounces
1 cup sugar
2 cups water

Remove the outer peel of the lemon with a vegetable peeler, taking care not to include too much of the bitter white pith. Finely chop the lemon peel and ginger in a food processor.

Transfer the lemon-ginger mixture to a medium saucepan, add the sugar and water and bring to a boil. Reduce heat, and simmer, partially covered, for 15 minutes. Strain the mixture and cool. Cover and refrigerate for up to 1 week.

Yield: 2 cups

These were excellent. My only recommendation is to proceed with caution! They taste too good to be alcoholic – so you could easily drink too much without realizing it. Make sure to have some cocktail snacks available.


About Maureen Farr

I am a graphic and web designer – and the publisher of the print version of Arts Guide, a free guide highlighting the arts, dining, events, and more on the coast of Maine. In addition, I am a visual artist working in mixed media and encaustic, as well as creating found object jewelry. I am currently at work revising a short novel that I wrote as a participant in the 32nd Annual 3-Day Novel Contest.
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11 Responses to Ginger Martinis…

  1. YUM!!!!!! I want to have a ginger martini party!

  2. Maureen Farr says:

    Let’s do it when I get back!!!

  3. Maureen Farr says:

    It’s sort of like the guys heading off for a “hunting” or “fishing” trip – when no girls are allowed… sometimes us girls just need to be together.

  4. Caroline King says:

    Count me in for that party!

  5. Maureen Farr says:

    OK, I’ve got two women and one guy who want to come to the party! Gandalf might have to wear a kilt…

    • Gandalf says:

      I have two lava lavas, one an old, old incredibly sexy-soft (swish swish against your calves; look, ladies I GET it!) Hawaiian red and the other an Indonesian batik. Would either one be suitable stand-in for a kilt???

  6. Maureen Farr says:

    Cindy – you don’t have to wear one!

  7. Maureen Farr says:

    Gandalf, you are nothing if not persistent!!! Which lava lava do I get to wear?! 😉

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