A day in Santa Fe…

I had dinner at my friend Jude’s house the night I arrived in Santa Fe. It was great to see her after more than two years, and to catch up on each other’s lives a little bit. She’s sharing a house with a Santa Fe native named Monica whose family has deep roots here. Monica, who turns 80 this month, is a Santera artist, painting reliquaries and Southwest religious icons (I hope that’s a good description!) and lives in one of the original adobe houses not far from Canyon Road.

I had Googled “best dog groomers in Santa Fe” and found a dog groomer that afternoon who would be able to take Max at 9AM on Wednesday. Z Pet Hotel came up first in the Google listing, and when I spoke with Mark, the owner, he had nothing but raves about Nichole, the groomer who worked for him. “Standard poodles are her specialty, and love … she grooms for show dogs … you’ll be amazed at how great Max will look when you pick him up!” were just a sampling of all the good things he had to say about her. How could I NOT take him there??

By 9AM, we had met with Mark and Nichole, who described what she could do to clean Max up. A German cut sounded like it would look good. His ears were badly matted and we agreed that she should do whatever was needed that didn’t stress him out. She thought she’d have to cut them short rather than try to comb the mat out – which she said would be hard for him as such a young dog. This was only his second professional grooming, and she seemed to handle him with gentleness and understanding, so I left feeling good about it.

Here are a couple of “before” photos:

I’m going WHERE?? To do WHAT??

Nichole and Max at Z Pet before his beauty treatment. The last of the shaggy dog.

Jude and I planned to get together and walk Canyon Road galleries while Max was being “prettied up.” As it always seems in life, plans changed and we agreed to meet for lunch at her house and go see The King’s Speech in the afternoon. It was bitterly cold; temps with wind chill around -10 degrees.

So, here I was, after 33 days on the road and in close proximity to my sidekick, with a free day at my disposal. After I left Max at Z Pet Hotel, where Nichole was going to give him a new “do,” I went to Starbucks for my morning kick. From Starbucks, it was on the New Mexico Museum of Art and a delightful hour exploring its galleries.

Here’s a little background from its website:
“The Art Gallery of the Museum of New Mexico opened in 1917, and many of the works that were exhibited at the opening remain in the collection today.

The early Art Gallery’s ‘open door’ policy encouraged artists working in New Mexico to exhibit their work, since Santa Fe’s commercial gallery network was years away. That welcome, mixed with the excitement about New Mexico that was generated by the tourism industry, enticed artists with formal training from other parts of the country. The resulting blending and cross-influences of Native American, Hispanic, and European-based cultures created a unique body of work that is the basis of the New Mexico Museum of Art collection.”

You aren’t supposed to take pictures in the museum, but I just had to snap this one with my iPhone (no flash) for my friends Katy and Scott, who love Airstreams. A rhinestone encrusted VW bus pulls a rhinestone encrusted Airstream Bambi.

After the Museum, I walked around the historic Plaza, then went on to Canyon Road – Santa Fe’s gallery row, to check out some galleries before going to meet Jude for lunch.

I love old weathered doors, and this blue door set in an adobe wall near the Plaza was irresistible.

Unfortunately, 98% of them were closed due to the extreme cold and snow (minimal snow, in my opinion). I went into Selby Fleetwood Gallery and was greeted with “I can’t believe you are out walking in this cold!” Frankly, neither can I!!

Ryan, who was working in the gallery, and I had a great conversation about the artists, art, Santa Fe, authentic New Mexican food and where to get it in Santa Fe (Maria’s and Thomasita’s were his favorites), my road trip and blog, and his upcoming move to Portland, Oregon. Thanks to Ryan, I had a delicious takeout dinner from Maria’s: superb nachos with fresh pico de gallo, and vegetarian tamales with red and green chile sauces.

After lunch at Jude’s, she and I hopped in my car to go to the movies. If you haven’t seen The King’s Speech I highly, HIGHLY recommend it. Excellent cast, excellent acting, sometimes funny, often poignant. I think it’s up for 12 Oscars, and if it doesn’t win most of them I’ll be surprised.

After the movie, I went to pick Max up. WOW! I walked in and could see him in his kennel through the glass – and he spotted me and started jumping around, barking. He was like a different dog! Nichole did a great job on him, and although the cut turned out to be not something I would have chosen, he looked fabulous. I couldn’t believe the transformation. He looked like a show dog – since several times (pre-haircut) lately people have said, “He must have won awards!” he looked pretty darn fine.

Just let me rest, will you?

I feel a little silly looking this good…

I’m not sure how happy Max is with his new “do,” but I have reassured him that it will grow out…


About Maureen Farr

I am a graphic and web designer – and the publisher of the print version of Arts Guide, a free guide highlighting the arts, dining, events, and more on the coast of Maine. In addition, I am a visual artist working in mixed media and encaustic, as well as creating found object jewelry. I am currently at work revising a short novel that I wrote as a participant in the 32nd Annual 3-Day Novel Contest.
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19 Responses to A day in Santa Fe…

  1. Janet-Marie says:

    Oh Max, you handsome thang!! But what are those things on the end of your limbs? Are you part platypus? Just joshing, but I’ve never seen your fingers before!!

    Momo, what a winter for a trip like this. Dana is in LA. It’s in the 70’s there….head west young lady, head west!!

    • Maureen Farr says:

      Yeah, I didn’t quite expect them to be so prominent! I’m hoping to get a good full figure pic today to post. 70s wowza! don’t you wish he could bring it back with him??

  2. katyallgeyer says:

    Thanks for taking the snaps of the jeweled Airstream for us! I think Max looks fab but Loolie doesn’t want me getting any ideas….

    • Maureen Farr says:

      Yeah, I know. I really think he was a little miffed with me last night. that sort of hangdog look he gave to the camera? I got a lot of those. Maybe when he was shaggy I took them to be goo-goo eyes! With that shaved face, he looks a little more “serious!”

  3. Gandalf says:

    You can understand why some groomers love to work on poodles, standard or otherwise. They (the poodles) must seem the equivalent of a fresh page in a journal or a blank canvas, just f-u-l-l of possibilitiers, no? He does look good!

  4. Gandalf says:

    and I should have added that I went out to work on the snow at 8:30 and only just came in. I had no idea I’d been working that long with all the variety (shoveling a little, raking roofs a lot, snowblowing, and then donning snowshoes and raking back the tops of the piles in and along the driveway so there’s room for the next storm rumored to be Saturday. Stay in the great southwest, Mo, at least for a while!

  5. guy oliver says:

    Maureen When I was working in El Paso I would disappear for a week in Sante Fe to escape the pressure. That was before it was discovered and life was so different. One amusing thing I saw was along the Plaza where the native americans displayed their work, sat a man with his wares spread out before him. They had few whiskers and originally they plucked them with two clam shells. This man had gone modern, he was huddled in a blanket and I noticed a cord entering a business establishement, he was wearing an electric blanket and using needle nose pliers to pluck his few beard hairs. I also found out that at that altitude, one manhattan did the work of two.

    • Maureen Farr says:

      Interesting about the manhatans! I went to a Mexican place called Maria’s last night and ordered takeout. While I was waiting, I had a margarita. Half a margarita was equal to the effects of my usual one. Yesterday, in -10 degrees, there were three native americans huddled on the plaza. I didn’t notice any electric cords!

  6. LOL! Now Max is a Schweinhundt? I think that’s a German boarhound, right? lol! He looks cute though–but I agree, I probably wouldn’t have chosen that cut either–it’ll grow! I can’t believe how cold it is there! It’s warmer here in Maine! But a lot less snow where you are, despite what those Santa Fe-ans might believe! xoxo

  7. hank says:

    oh, ok. NOW i’m caught up.

    nichole? ninja dog groomer

  8. Ellie Adams says:

    No matter how you look at it, Max is a handsome boy!! Loved your blue door! I, too, am an admierer oif southwestern doorways. Maybe it’sthe texture of the stucco with the bright colors!! Stay warm! (Or maybe get warm!)

    • Maureen Farr says:

      Thanks, that door was really a nice find. planning to go to 10,000 Wves – a Japanese bath with my friend Jude this afternoon. that should warm us up! Oh, it’s really lovely out there now. Feels like it might be in the high 20s, so feels almost balmy after the negative numbers.

  9. Suzanne Gibson says:

    Max looks sooo handsome!

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